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Lair of the Red Wolves 110 page feature

Remnants of the old Soviet penal colony menace an American family sent to manage Russia's new resort hotel in Siberia.

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Storm Shadows  28 page short

Up against an indecisive crossroad, a troubled man steps back into his past with the help of a mysterious little boy from his stormy childhood.

The Pixie Detective 23 page short

A pixie detective wannabe finds something quite unusual about her black cat when she stumbles on an illegal operation at the abandoned shipyard next door.

Black Cat Moon 99 page feature

A young independent spirited woman helps a stroke victim caught between the living and the dead bring his father's killer to justice with the aid of Halloween's favorite pet.

Saber-Toothed Cat 12 page short

A little tomboy's mother wants to rid the family of her daughter's beloved undomesticated cat until the mother faces the jaws of a vicious dog.

Sleigh Ride of the Red Missile 22 page short

A massive nuclear missile rockets to the east coast of the United States from across the Atlantic Ocean and will teach one typical American family the true meaning of Christmas, if they and the citizens of the city survive the impact.

A Flicker of Hope 8 page short

Normally uncooperative nursing home employees must band together in order to save the life of one of the home's residents during a storm that was not forecasted.


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